Terms and Conditions for Weekday Wow Factor Activities

Please read the following Terms and Conditions prior to taking part in this activity. If you are taking part in a caring role for your client then please make the following judgements on behalf of yourself, family member or your client.


I feel medically fit to take part in this activity and it is not against medical advice. If I experience dizziness, shortness of breath or chest pain, I will stop immediately and contact my GP or call 111.

I will ensure my dancing/walking space is appropriately lit, clear of bumps, trips and slip hazards before I begin and ensure my footwear is non-slip.

It is my choice to participate in this activity and I will judge my pace/level of participation according to my abilities.

I am aware there is a risk involved in this activity that could lead to injury or death.

For the daytime disco and walking adventures I will use my prescribed walking aid at all times for support or, in my caring role, ensure my client uses their prescribed walking aid at all times and be in close proximity to the client to maximise safety and independence.

I will have my emergency prescribed medication close to hand when taking part in activities.

I am aware that Weekday Wow Factor or partner organisations will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injuries to me, unless fault lies with the organisations.


Please read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions prior to this activity:

I agree to pass on my personal details such as full name, address, date of birth, any medical information and next of kin contact details, so information can be passed to emergency services and only be transferred to any other organisation in an emergency and unless I consent. I understand that my personal details will remain secure and confidential and not shared with any other organisation unless you have fully consented.

I understand if I choose to use the following Weekday Wow Factor platforms: my personal data will be exposed on WhatsApp (mobile number will be visible to all), and on Zoom and Facebook Messenger (my username will be exposed to all). I am aware of the data storing Terms and Conditions policy of the above third-party applications and agree to participate knowing that Weekday Wow Factor is not in control of this.

All group discussions and personal information on these applications will remain confidential, unless an individual consents to sharing information externally. However, while I understand information shared within the group is on personal devices, Weekday Wow Factor has no control of how the information is distributed if/once shared.

I agree to be respectful of individual comments and choices and appreciate this is an inclusive space for everyone to enjoy. I will not display poor conduct or bad language and instead remain positive.


Please read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions prior to this activity:

I agree to photography and video being captured during the session and give my consent to the content being used on the internet, social media and traditional media. I understand these will be shared with partnership organisations. 

Agree or Disagree with above – click button (If disagree then the following statement should pop up):

I agree for photos/videos involving myself to be blurred so I am not identifiable and for this content to be shared for marketing purposes. Once I agree, I am aware that removing this content might not be achieved.