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Weekday Wow Factor Agreement Form

Please read and agree the following terms and conditions prior to our online activities.

By booking our activities you agree with the following terms:

  • I feel medically fit to take part in this activity and its not against my medical advice. I will ensure my space is appropriately lit, clear of bumps. trips & slip hazards before I begin and ensure my footwear is non slip. I am aware there is a risk involved in this activity which could lead to injury or death.
  • Its my choice to participate in this activity and I will judge my level of participation within my pace and abilities or in my Caring role I will make judgements on behalf of my client and will accompany my client/family member at all times.
  • I will use my prescribed walking aid at all times for support or in my Caring role I will ensure my client uses their prescribed walking aid at all times and I will be in close proximity to client to maximise safety and independence.
  • I am aware that Partnership organisations will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injuries to me during or my client.
  • I agree if I consent to a photograph or video, this could be placed on the world wide web and would not be able to fully remove in some instances. I understand the images and videos will be shared with Partnership organisations.
  • I am aware my personal details will remain confidential, secure and won’t be passed to any other organisation except emergency services, in an emergency and unless I consent.
  • I am aware my personal data such as mobile phone number are exposed on Whats app chat groups. If I choose to join the whats app chat groups.
  • I am aware of Whats app data storing, terms and conditions policy and I agree to take part.
  • I am aware all participants are using their personal device as are all Partnership staff. Therefore, Weekday Wow factor is not in control of data collected on their devices during our activities. Despite this knowledge I consent to taking part in this activity and am aware that my information may not be secure.
  • I am aware my personal details such as my mobile number will be exposed within the Whats group, I give this consent for the information to be shared with the participants.
  • I agree all discussions, text messages and personal information such mobile numbers of fellow Participants will not be shared with others and remain confidential as part of the group, unless written consent is granted by fellow participant.
  • I am aware that the internet connections are not always perfect and can be affected by my vision, sensory or hearing difficulties. I might not see everyone at once on the call.