Risk Enablement Statement

Weekday Wow Factor is a population based, Public Health, Occupational Therapy initiative. It supports the prevention agenda, promoting and enhancing physical, mental and social health and wellbeing using fun, adventurous and exciting leisure activities.

It views risk in broader terms than just Risk assessment and reduction.  It supports positive risk enablement and promotes self-management and independence, in a population traditionally limited to participating in the more mundane ‘age appropriate’ activities provided for them.

Weekday Wow Factor works in partnership with established leisure organisations that possess insurance structures to cover the general public and comply with all current Health and Safety legislation. The completion of Safety Briefings, Risk and Disclaimer forms via the Leisure organisation and Weekday Wow Factor are mandatory prior to participation.

Weekday Wow Factor values the following principles for those participants who have the capacity for decision making to engage in Weekday Wow Factor activities:

The participant has the right to choose if they feel medically fit to take part in an activity; to judge the level of their participation within own abilities and pace; if a participant is unsure about their fitness or ability level, they are advised to consult their medical doctor prior to taking part in the activity; participant to take responsibility for any loss, damage or injuries through disclaimer of Weekday Wow Factor and established leisure organisations involved unless Weekday Wow Factor or the established leisure organisation is at fault.

For those participants whose capacity to make decisions is compromised, the partnership caring organisation/carer who is referring, will take the lead for all decision making processes through an individual risk assessment.  This cannot be undertaken by Weekday Wow Factor at an individual level.  Weekday Wow Factor advises carer/caring organisations to visit the leisure venue and to liaise with Weekday Wow to gather more information towards their risk assessment for any individual, to determine the level of support required prior to engaging in an activity.

Please notify us in advance if you wish to attend any activities; if you use any mobility aids or have special diet considerations, so we can best accommodate your needs.

Weekday Wow Factor’s insurance is available via an email request. Valid Disclosure Scotland certificate and HCPC registration is in place.