Our Activities

Virtual Daytime Disco

You don’t need to go out to have a dance! Join us on Zoom for some banter and dancing to everyone’s choice of song that could bring back great memories. Music, movement, singing and dancing together are all a fantastic way to keep active and enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. It is totally at your own pace and a positive alternative to the gym. Dancing is also a superb way to engage in moderate aerobic activity!

Virtual Walks

Keep connected with others as we explore the sights locally and globally. Participants choose the location – it can be from hilly Machu Picchu to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean! Burn calories and take part in the Glasgow Museums quiz, in an activity where we share stories of our adventures. And if you feel balance is an issue, you can take part with seated steps while embracing the moment!

Virtual Hobbies Club

Take a more chilled out approach to keeping connected by learning how to do new things and sharing hints and tips with one another. Discuss sewing and knitting, how to make certain foods, or discover arts and crafts shortcuts! Opportunities for your development will arise, including how to use technology and social media.

Keep Fit Club

If the gym is your thing, then we have you covered! We have brand new classes for beginners and experts. Delve into yoga, Tai chi or general fitness and mobility sessions, which are great for those at the risk of falling or if you just want to get a bit stronger.

Gail Meikleham of Keep Fit says: “A fun and simple, low impact aerobic class to get you moving to some old and new tunes. A chance to exercise at your own leve, have some fun and sing along. Get rid of those blues and get fitter in 2021.”

Keep Fit Classes

Tai Chi

A straightforward exercise that relaxes and calms your mood and breathing; but beneficial towards your posture, circulation, balance, flexibility and strength. Join us with Tai Chi professional, Bob McCafferty, to energise with friends and new acquaintances.

Seated Yoga

Focus on your physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing by doing yoga with Manjulika. Our teacher has been experienced for decades in the local community, holding many accolades (Yoga Scotland Diploma and SYTA Diploma).
Please note: no heavy meals before session; wear comfortable clothes; no socks; and use a yoga mat with a chair nearby for support if required.

Keep Fit

Work on your health and wellbeing with fitness professionals Fiona Buchanan and Gail Meikleham. Fiona specialises in helping those who have had falls or are at risk of falling and is a Level 4 Postural Stability Instructor. She provides safe and effective exercise for people with underlying health conditions. Exercise along to music, do some pilates and stay active!