About Weekday Wow Factor

We co-design and deliver exciting leisure activities for people of all abilities to encourage an active lifestyle.

We create opportunities for individuals to connect with others, gain new friendships, boost confidence and help build new personal development skills.

We apply occupational therapy and social enterprise principles to adapt and tailor leisure activities by making them as physically and financially accessible as possible.

We quickly adapt to seismic situational changes, demonstrably during COVID-19, by delivering safer opportunities with daily virtual health and wellbeing sessions.

Weekday Wow Factor enhances physical, mental and social health and wellbeing of adults of all abilities. We host a range of fun activities, face-to-face and virtually, giving you the freedom to keep connected within communities. Our mission aims to reduce loneliness, ageism and inequality by enabling you to develop friendships and build new skills and confidence.

We are a volunteer, occupational therapist led social enterprise with an innovative, community-centred seedling across Greater Glasgow. The overall objective is for individuals to engage in healthy and satisfying leisure occupations and in a positive social life to awaken the inner child!

Our philosophy empowers us to co-design and create exciting and active leisure opportunities with community members and leisure providers, ensuring they are fully accessible and inclusive.

We are immersed in the principles of human rights, social justice and connectivity, courageously tackling stereotypes, stigmatisation and barriers. This unique blend of philosophy allows us to contribute to the public health agenda using leisure occupations.

Our core values are embedded in the work we deliver, establishing a fun and friendly experience filled with freedom. We ‘awaken the inner child’ to guarantee that your experience will be filled with laughter, zest, curiosity and learning!

We deliver the highest quality of service through our Occupational Therapy and Social Enterprise principles.

Hello! I’m Pasna Sallis, the Founding Director of Weekday Wow Factor! I have had an extensive NHS Scotland career of 19 years – working in rural to urban areas, community and hospital posts – operating across the age span for people with physical, mental and sensory conditions. This followed a BSc (Hons) degree in Occupational Therapy from Glasgow Caledonian University – in a city where my heart was set after living in India, Iran, California and the Scottish Highlands.

The inspiration for Weekday Wow Factor was to work further with people who are in advanced stages of dementia and listening to their carers. During my NHS career, I coined a public health project that was inspired by working with adults with dementia. This example launched the National Dementia Strategy in 2010, as its design met the aspirations of government policy.

I learned that some leisure activities continue to remain intact despite advanced dementia, as they tap into ‘the inner child’. It can be a therapeutic value to enhance health and wellbeing and serve as a vital communication tool to reduce loneliness and increase socialisation. The one activity that really made an impact was freestyle dancing – and it’s still instrumental to this day.

I have relished in adapting activities such as a Nightclub disco, to fit community members of all abilities, through my occupational therapy knowledge and experience by making it accessible for all. This has enabled Weekday Wow Factor to become so much more and introduce a range of mainstream leisure activities for individuals to enjoy. It’s tailored towards a person with or without long-term health conditions and fully inclusive.